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The Complete pfSense Fundamentals Bootcamp

The Complete pfSense Fundamentals Bootcamp

4.70 out of 5

The highest rated pfSense course on Udemy. Learn how to configure pfSense from scratch and master the fundamentals of pfSense.

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Promo Code: PFSENSEMAI2023

WSL 2 for Web Development & Ethical Hacking

WSL 2 for Web Development & Ethical Hacking

4.75 out of 5

Make working in your terminal fun again. Learn how to use WSL 2 for Web Development and Ethical Hacking.

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Promo Code: WSL2MAI2023

Constantin E.
Audio Engineer

I have been following Stefan's YouTube channel for many years and I always liked his beginner-friendly approach. There are so many people out there who leave important steps out because they assume you know how to do it, but Stefan always goes the whole 10 yards with his tutorials and he leaves no steps out.

Markus T.
System Administrator

This course was really helpful to understand pfSense without having any prior experience with firewalls. Stefan is explaining this topic in a very approachable and easy-to-understand way.

Aaron Z.
Software Engineer

Very structured and easy to follow. Nice coverage of even relevant topics around. My personal highlight is the result of the course. I love the customized terminal so much! A good looking and functioning environment provides so much more fun during work!

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Stefan is a self-taught web developer and ethical hacker who left his successful career as CTO of a startup to focus on teaching complex topics in a beginner-friendly manner full-time.

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